Raw Land For Sale in Borongan, Samar, Philippines
Raw Land For Sale in Borongan, Samar (8.8hecs)
Raw Land
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Raw Land for Sale in Borongan City, Samar

The property is planted with coconut trees and other fruit bearing trees. Titled land is 8,210 square meters and 80,043 square meters is registered under tax declaration with complete supporting documents. Total land area 88,253 square meters or 8.8253 hectares.

It is located in Barangay San Jose in Borongan City.  Barangay San Jose is approximately 7 kilometers from the city proper. The property is 100 meters from the provincial road. 

Call 09175681169 for more details.

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About Borongan City, Eastern Samar

The City of Borongan is a component city and the provincial capital of the province of Eastern Samar, Philippines. Prior to its cityhood, it is the province's largest municipality in both land area and population.

Borongan City is located in the central geographical spine of the province of Eastern Samar and is a component city (meaning its voters can vote for all elected provincial officials) thereof. The province itself comprises a part of the Eastern Visayas region (Region VIII) of the Republic of the Philippines.

Borongan has many of the Philippines most wonderful attractions from resorts to beautiful white- as well as black-sand beaches. Its pristine and undisturbed forests contain spectacular streams, river rapids, waterfalls and caves so very sought after by nature lovers, trekkers and spelunkers - locals and foreign visitors alike. Many more of its scenic spots can be found by those who have the time and the energy to search for them within the vast, idyllic expanse of territory of the city.

Borongan has many fine beaches, the most notable being in Divinubo Island and in Ando Island, both of which boast of white sand beaches and sparkling clear blue waters, incidentally ideal also for snorkeling. Cabong black-sand beach is a favorite destination of the locals, especially during weekends and holidays. The strip of white-sand beach in Guintagican or Punta Maria is also a good bet, although it takes some effort to get there as it is several kilometers away from the town proper and accessible only through a feeder road. Surfers' haven is the surf at Baybay Boulevard, in Brgy. Bato, and in Brgy. Locso-on, respectively.

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Borongan_City


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This listing was first listed on June 30, 2010, and then updated on November 02, 2016, PDT.
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