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BIR Cebu City South in the new normal

Updated: Apr 27, 2021

I recently went to BIR RDO No. 82 Cebu City South to claim the e-CAR for the lot I sold before lockdown. I was very lucky to be able to submit the application just before the office closed. The following video shows the safety protocols the bureau of revenue is implementing against Covid19. First and very important Mask On. Second, there is a hand wash station with soap and water in place for hand washing, then you go through thermal scanning and misting. Make sure to cover your gadgets during this process. The security asks you for the purpose of your visit. They assess whether you need to go to the upper floor or your business can be transacted at the Fast Lane area at the ground floor. They will seek permission from the security personnel thru radio if you will be allowed to go to the upper floor if your business needs to be transacted there. They will also give you a form for contact tracing purposes which you need to fill out and drop at the box before you head out. All in all it was a fast transaction. Good job to the officers and personnel of BIR Cebu City South for strictly implementing these safety protocols. Thank you for your service!

Watch my Youtube video here:

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