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Requirements for Issuance of Transfer Tax Assessment in Cebu City

  1. Deed of Sale; Deed of Donation ; Deed of Exchange; Extra Judicial Settlement or Deed of Partition or any Deed of Conveyance

  2. Certificate Authorizing Registration (CAR) OR/ One Time Transaction Sheet (ONETT SHEET) with tax receipt evidencing payment of the 1706-Capital Gains Tax Return, and 2000-OT Documentary Stamp, 1801-Estate Tax, Donors Tax, etc.

  3. Latest Tax Declaration of the property subject to transfer;

  4. Tax Clearance Certificate from the City Treasurer's Office, Cebu City

  5. Certification of No Improvement, if land only being transferred from the Office of the City Assessor, Cebu City.

Please bring all the original copies of the aforementioned documents together with the machine copies in two (2) sets upon the computation of Transfer Tax.

Rate of Tax: 1/2 of 1%

Base Value: whichever is higher of the market value, to be determined by City Assessor's Office, zonal valuation to be determined by BIR, consideration or selling price per Deed of Absolute Sale

Penalty: 25% surcharge and 2% interest per month if paid after the lapse of a 60 day period from the date of notarization of the Deed of Absolute Sale, from the date of death of the decedent in case Extra Judicial or Deed of Partition for succession purposes.

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