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Requirements for Transfer of Ownership of Tax Declaration in Liloan, Cebu

The Municipality of Liloan Cebu stopped processing the transfer of tax declaration since 2019 due to the revision of the zonal values. In August this year 2022, a staff from the Assessor's Office called to inform me that all revisions were done and they are now accepting application for the transfer of tax declaration name to its new owner.

Here are the following checklist for approval of transfer of ownership of tax declaration:

  1. Letter requests addressed to the Municipal Assessor for the issuance of tax declaration in the name of the new owner.

  2. Certified Machine Copy of the land title (for Titled Lot only).

  3. Deed of Conveyance (Deed of Absolute Sale, Extrajudicial Settlement of Estate, Deed of Donation, etc.)

  4. Tax Clearance (current, photocopy).

  5. Certificate Authorizing Registration (CAR) duplicate/photocopy

  6. Transfer Tax / Transfer Fee Receipt (photocopy)

  7. Alienable & Disposable (A and D) if untitled Lot (CENRO)

  8. Special Power of Attorney (SPA) of the processor if not the owner

  9. Valid ID for the processor and the owner (photocopy)

  10. Tax Declaration

Note: Requirements for untitled properties shall be registered at the Registry of Deeds including Lot Status from DENR.

Note: Please be guided by the following fees/charges concerning the computation of the Transfer Tax

  1. Transfer Fee P100.00/RPUs

  2. Transfer Tax - 55% of 1% or 0.0055 of the total consideration or the fair market value of the subject property whichever is higher

  3. Surcharge - 25% of the Transfer Tax (60 days after the notarization of the Deed of Conveyance)

  4. Interest - Surcharge plus transfer tax multiplied by 2% per month up to 36 months

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